DVD Drives FAQs

What is the difference between a CD-R and a CD-RW?

CD-R (Compact Disk Recordable) and DVD-R drives can write to a disk one time and not rewrite.
CD-RW (Compact Disk Rewritable) and DVD-RW drives can write and subsequently rewrite multiple times to the same disk.

CD-RW drives can also read any CD and DVD disk.

Every drive we sell is a DVD-RW drive.  We no longer supply other drives.

Can I use any DVD drive in my laptop?

There are basically two different sized DVD drives for laptops produced within the last several years. They are all the same width and length and either 9mm or 12.7mm in height.  Your laptop will be able to accept one or the other.  And, although the DVD drive itself is interchangeable (Sony, Panasonic, HP, etc) you will need to make sure the drive’s faceplate and rear mounting bracket are designed for your model laptop for proper fit and installation.

All the drives we sell include the proper faceplate and rear bracket for the model listed in the part’s description.  All you have to do is install it with one screw.

Are the DVD drives you sell new?

All the DVD drives we sell are either brand new or pulled from new systems.  Some new drives will not include the rear mounting bracket and will be noted in the part’s description.

What is the warranty on the DVD drives you sell?

All the DVD drives we sell include a one year warranty.

What is a DVD region and what region are the DVD drives you sell?

DVD movies from one region (country or territory) can only play on a DVD player designed to play that region.

Region 1: United States, US territories and Canada.

Every DVD we sell are region 1 drives.

What is a disk image?

A disk image is an exact bit for bit copy of an entire hard drive which can be written to a CD or DVD.  These are commonly used to restore an operating system.  This image typically includes the disk’s boot sector, fill allocation tables, volume attributes and directories.  It is an exact duplicate of the raw data for any drive.

The filename extension of an disk image is an .ISO file.

How much data can a DVD store?

A single layer DVD can store 4.7GB (gigabytes) of data.