Keyboard FAQs

Backlit or not backlit keyboard, can I make the change?

When a laptop is configured by the manufacturer it will either include a keyboard which is backlit (lights behind the keys) or non-backlit.  The more common configuration is non-backlit. Backlit Keys Example
A non-backlit keyboard has one data cable.  You can easily recognize a backlit keyboard by a 2nd narrow cable. Keyboard Backlit Cable Example
If you need to replace a non-backlit keyboard there are just a few exceptions where the keyboard can be substituted for a backlit version.  Most manufacturers will not have a system board installed which will have the extra connector needed to make such a change.  Before you change from a non-backlit to a backlit keyboard make sure your manufacturer used a board that allows for the change.  You can, however, change from a backlit keyboard to a non-backlit keyboard by simply not connecting the backlit cable.

Can I operate my laptop with a faulty keyboard?

Sure, just plug in an external keyboard usually through the USB port.  Your internal keyboard will not interfere with it.

What is a chiclet style keyboard?

A chiclet keyboard has elevated keys that have some space between them.  A chiclet keyboard’s keys are rectangular in shape with rounded edges.  A non chiclet, traditional keyboard has slanted edge keys.Chiclet Style Keyboard Example

What does the description ‘with a frame’ mean?

Depending on your laptop model a keyboard will either install on top of or under the palm rest.  If the keyboard installs above the palm rest then it should already have a frame or the design of the keyboard is such where there is no space between the keys.

If the keyboard for your model laptop installs under the palm rest a frame is not necessary as the palm rest will include the frame between the keys which creates the chiclet style.

I see some keyboards with two types of ENTER keys?

The typical US key layout keyboard uses a rectangular ENTER key.  Another style may be a ‘J’ shaped key.  An upside down ‘L” key is common to the UK.  A US style keyboard may have either but we sell only keyboards which have the rectangular ENTER key.  If your keyboard sits under the palm rest you must purchase a keyboard which matches the style of your palm rest. Keyboard Enter Keys Example

Are the keyboard cables included with the keyboards you sell?

Yes, this is the data cable and come with every keyboard.  If this cable is torn or missing you will have a faulty keyboard.  There is a 2nd cable on most backlit models which is narrower than the data cable.

What is a spill-resistant keyboard?

These laptop keyboards have a think layer of Mylar film under the keyboard. It should protect the laptop’s components from minor liquid spills.


A Few Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows 10)

PRINT SCREEN key will save a screenshot of your display to your clipboard.
WINDOWS key + PRINT SCREEN key will save a screenshot of your display in a folder.   IE:  ThisPC>Pictures>Screenshots

WINDOWS + ‘+’ OR ‘-‘ key will open the magnify app and magnify your desktop.

View or Switch between running Applications:
CTRL key + ALT key + TAB key will show you all the running applications on your PC.  You can also close any app from this new window.
WINDOWS key + TAB key will do the same
ALT key + TAB key will show a momentary window where you can switch between applications

CTRL key + X key cuts highlighted selection
CTRL key + C key copies highlighted selection
CTRL key + V key pastes selection

Other shortcuts:
WINDOWS key + R key starts the Run dialog command window.
WINDOWS key + , key will temporarily show you the desktop behind the windows.
WINDOWS key + I key will open the Settings.
WINDOWS key + E key will open File Explorer.
WINDOWS key + S key will open Search Box.