HP 15-DB Laptop Parts

We stock a full line of HP Notebook 15-DB laptop parts (see below).  This laptop is designed for long-lasting performance and came with a 15.6″ display which was either touch or non-touch.  This series was mainly configured with an AMD Ryzen, A6 or A9 processor and was a very affordable solution.

Some models in this line up include (not complete list): 15-DB0001DS, 15-DB0002DS, 15-DB0003DS, 15-DB0004DS, 15-DB0006CY, 15-DB0007CA, 15-DB0007CY, 15-DB0008CY, 15-DB0009CY, 15-DB0010CA, 15-DB0010CY, 15-DB0018CA, 15-DB0020CA, 15-DB0030CA, 15-DB0030NR, 15-DB0040CA, 15-DB0040NR, 15-DB0050CA, 15-DB0060CA, 15-DB0083CL, 15-DB0085CL, 15-DB0086CL, 15-DB0087CA, 15-DB0097CA Parts