HP Omen 15-AX Laptop Parts

We carry many replacement parts for the HP Omen 15-AX series.  The parts we stock are new and original oem quality.  All include a one year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

The parts we have fit some or all of the following specific models:  Omen 15-AX013DX, 15-AX023DX, 15-AX033DX, 15-AX039NR, 15-AX043DX, 15-AX210MS, 15-AX210NR, 15-AX243DX, 15-AX250WM, 15-AX252NR, 15-AX253DX, 15-AX256NR, 15-AX257NR, 15-AX015TX, 15-AX016TX, 15-AX017TX, 15-AX018TX, 15-AX019TX, 15-AX020TX, 15-AX034TX, 15-AX035TX, 15-AX036TX, 15-AX037TX, 15-AX038TX, 15-AX039TX, 15-AX040TX, 15-AX044TX, 15-AX045TX, 15-AX046TX, 15-AX048TX, 15-AX049TX, 15-AX053NF, 15-AX054NF, 15-AX055NF, 15-AX101TX, 15-AX102TX, 15-AX103TX, 15-AX200NU, 15-AX204NM, 15-AX205NU, 15-AX209NA, 15-AX209NU, 15-AX210TX, 15-AX211TX, 15-AX212TX, 15-AX212NL, 15-AX213TX, 15-AX214TX, 15-AX215TX, 15-AX216TX, 15-AX217TX, 15-AX218TX, 15-AX219TX, 15-AX220TX, 15-AX221TX, 15-AX222TX, 15-AX222NL, 15-AX223NF, 15-AX224NF, 15-AX236TX, 15-AX237TX, 15-AX238TX, 15-AX241TX, 15-AX242TX, 15-AX243TX, 15-AX244TX, 15-AX245TX, 15-AX246TX, 15-AX247TX, 15-AX251TX, 15-AX252NZ, 15-AX253TX, 15-AX254TX, 15-AX255TX, 15-AX256TX