HP Pavilion 11-N Laptop Parts

We carry many HP Pavilion X360 11-N laptop repair parts.

This is a very affordable 2-in-1 convertible hybrid laptop which uses a 11.6″ display which can be flipped making the computer function as a tablet or for presentations.  It weighs a light 3.2 pounds and only .86 inches thick making it fit most student backpacks.

HP Pavilion 11-N Profiles

Some models in this series include (not all represented): Pavilion 11-N001XX, 11-N010DX, 11-N011DX, 11-N012DX, 11-N030CA, 11-N038CA, 11-N040CA, 11-N041CA, 11-N001TU, 11-N002TU, 11-N003TU, 11-N004TU, 11-N005TU, 11-N006TU, 11-N007TU, 11-N008TU, 11-N009TU, 11-N010TU, 11-N011TU, 11-N015LA, 11-N016TU, 11-N017TU, 11-N018TU, 11-N019TU, 11-N020TU, 11-N021TU, 11-N022TU, 11-N023TU, 11-N024TU, 11-N025TU, 11-N026TU, 11-N027TU, 11-N028TU, 11-N029TU, 11-N030TU, 11-N031TU, 11-N032TU, 11-N033TU, 11-N034TU, 11-N035TU, 11-N036TU, 11-N037TU, 11-N041TU, 11-N042TU, 11-N043TU, 11-N044TU, 11-N045TU, 11-N046TU, 11-N047TU, 11-N102TU, 11-N103TU, 11-N106TU, 11-N107TU, 11-N108TU, 11-N109TU, 11-N110TU, 11-N111TU, 11-N112TU, 11-N113TU, 11-N114TU, 11-N115TU, 11-N116TU, 11-N117TU, 11-N118TU, 11-N119TU, 11-N120TU

Showing all 8 results

Showing all 8 results