HP Pavilion 14-CE Laptop Parts

We stock parts for the HP Pavilion 14-CE series notebook.  This laptop was available with a 14″ screen and had what HP called a Micro-Edge display which had smaller bezels resulting a smaller frame around the screen.  This laptop also came standard with a backlit keyboard. Below is our inventory of HP Pavilion 14-CE laptop repair parts. We carry many new parts for this model.

Some models in series includes: Pavilion 14-CE0008CA, 14-CE0010CA, 14-CE0064ST, 14-CE0068ST, 14-CE0069TX, 14-CE0070TX, 14-CE0071TX, 14-CE0072TX, 14-CE0073TX, 14-CE0074TX, 14-CE0075TX, 14-CE0076TX, 14-CE0077TX, 14-CE0037TX, 14-CE0038TX, 14-CE0039TX, 14-CE0040TX, 14-CE0041TX, 14-CE0042TX, 14-CE0043TX, 14-CE0044TX, 14-CE0045TX, 14-CE0046TX, 14-CE0047TX parts