HP Pavilion 15-CR Laptop Parts

We carry a complete line of replacement parts for the HP Pavilion 15-CR laptop series. Here you will find ac adapters, lcd cables, dc jacks, cooling fans, drives and more.

Some, but not all models in this line up include: Pavilion 15-CR0009CA, 15-CR0010NR, 15-CR0011NR, 15-CR0017NR, 15-CR0035NR, 15-CR0037WM, 15-CR0051CL, 15-CR0051OD, 15-CR0052OD, 15-CR0053WM, 15-CR0056WM, 15-CR0064ST, 15-CR0075NR, 15-CR0076NR, 15-CR0077NR, 15-CR0078NR, 15-CR0079NR, 15-CR0081CL, 15-CR0083CL, 15-CR0085CL, 15-CR0087CL, 15-CR0088CL, 15-CR0091MS, 15-CR0095NR, 15-CR0000TU, 15-CR0000TX, 15-CR0001TU, 15-CR0001TX, 15-CR0002TX