Asus A555MA D450CA D550MA F505BA F550EA F554UA F555YA FX550UA K550EA K555UA K750LA R510LA R556UA R557UA R751LA R752MA X555LA Charger


This is a 100% Asus compatible 45 watt ac adapter.

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This is Asus compatible 45 Watt ac adapter. This new replacement part is 19 volts, 2.37 amps and 45 watts.  The connector is 5.5mm x 2.5mm.  A US power cord is also included.

Comp. Models: A550YA, A550EA, A550LA, A550WA, A551CA, A551MA, A552EA, A552LA, A552WA, A555UA, A555YA, A750LA, A751MA, A751NA, D450CA, D450MA, D550CA, D550MA, D552EA, D552LA, D552WA, E450LA, F450EA, F450LA, F451CA, F451MA, F452EA, F452LA, F454LA, F454WA, F455WA, F505BA, F505ZA, F550EA, F550LA, F550WA, F551CA, F551MA, F552EA, F552LA, F552WA, F554UA, F554YA, F555BA, F555YA, F705MB, F705NA, F505NC, F705QA, F705UA, F750LA, F751MA, F756UA, FX550EA, FX550LA, K450EA, K450LA, K455WA, K455YA, K550EA, K550LA, K550WA, K555BA, K555UA, K555YA, K750LA, K751SA, K756UA, N705NC, P550WA, P551MA, P756UA, R454WA, R455LA, R504BA, R504ZA, R510EA, R510LA, R510WA, R511LA, R511UA, R512CA, R556BA, R556UA, R556YA, R557LA, R557UA, R702NA, R702QA, R751LA, R752MA, R752NA, R752SA, S505BA, X450EA, X450LA, X555LA, X555LD, X555LF, X555LN, X555LP, X555LAB, X555LB, X555LJ, X555LNB, X555LPB

Part Numbers: 0A001-00231200, 0A001-00232200, ADP-45BW A, ADP-45BW B, W15-045N2A

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