Asus K510UF K513EA K513EQ 65W AC Adapter


This is a new 100% Asus compatible 65 watt ac adapter and cord.

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Listed is a brand new Asus 65 watt ac adapter.  This is a 100% Asus compatible adapter with a 4.0mm/1.35mm connector size.  It is 19 volt and 3.42 amp.  The power cord is included.

Comp. Model (s): K410UF, K410UN, K410UQ, K413EA, K413FQ, K433JQ, K510UF, K510UN, K510UQ, K510UR, K513EA, K513EP, K513EQ, K530FN, K540BP, K540LJ, K540UB, K540UP, K540UV, K541UJ, K541UV, K542UF, KM513UA

Part Number (s): 0A001-00445700, PA-1650-33U1, ADP-65DW-Y2B, AD2087320010LF

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