Asus A509JA F509UA K509FA M515UA R509DA R565JA X509UB LCD Cable DD0XKRLC010


A new and genuine Asus LCD video cable.

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Listed is a brand new Asus 30-pin EDP LCD video cable. This is a genuine Asus replacement part.

Comp. Models: A509DA, A509FA, A509FL, A509JA, A509M, A516E, D509BA, D509DA, D509DJ, F509DA, F509FA, F509FB, F509FJ, F509FL, F509JA, F509JB, F509MA, F509UA, F509UB, F515JA, F515JP, K509FA, K509JA, M509BA, M509DA, M509DJ, M515DA, M515UA, R424DA, R424FA, R509BA, R509DA, R509JA, R509UA, R515DA, R515JA, R515SA, R521FL, R521JA, R524FA, R524JA, R565JA, R909FA, S505BA, S505BP, S505JA, S505ZA, S509DA, S509FA, S509JA, S509UA, S515DA, S515JA, X509BA, X509DA, X509DJ, X509DL, X509FA, X509FB, X509FJ, X2509FL, X509JA, X509JB, X509JP, X509MA, X509UA, X509UB, X509UJ, X515DA, X515EA, X515EP, X515FA, X515JA, X515JF, X515JP, X515KA, X515MA, X515UA, Y1511CDA

Part Numbers: DD0XKRLC010, 14005-03110100

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