Asus K56CA S550CA V550CA Dual USB Board 60-NUHUS1000-C01


This is a genuine Asus dual port USB board with audio port.

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Shown is a genuine Asus replacement USB port board. This part includes 2 USB ports and an audio port.  The cable is also included

Compatible Models: A56CA, A56CB, A56CM, K56CA, K56CB, K56CM, R505CA, R505CB, R505CM, R550CA, R550CB, R550CM, S56CA, S56CB, S56CM, S505CA, S505CB, R505CM, S550CA, S550CB, S550CM, U58CA, U58CB, U58CM, V550CA, V550CB, V550CM

Part Numbers: 60-NUHUS1000-C01, 90R-NUHUS1000Y

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New Pull

Mfg. Original



2 x USB Ports
1 x Audio Port


One Year