Asus F550LA K550CA K552EA R510C S550CA V550CA X550CA X751LA DC Jack


Brand new and genuine Asus dc jack with 6 wire, 6 pin connector.

* See list below for compatible models.

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This is a brand new Asus dc jack. It has 6-wires, 3 red 3 black.  It is an original Asus dc power jack.

Comp. Models: A56CA, A56CB, A56CM, A751BP, A751LA, A751LB, A751LD, A751LDB, A751LJ, A751LN, A751LX, A751MA, A751MJ, A751NA, A751NV, A751SA, A751SJ, F550LA, F751BP, F751LA, F751LAB, F751LAV, F751LB, F751LD, F751LDB, F751LDV, F751LJ, F751LK, F751LKB, F751LN, F751LMJ, F751NA, F751LNB, F751NV, F751LX, F751MA, F751MD, F751SA, F751SJ, F751SV, K56CA, K56CB, K56CM, K550CA, K552EA, K751LA, K751LAB, K751LB, K751LD, K751LDB, K751LJ, K751LK, K751LKB, K751LN, K751LNB, K751LX, K751MD, K751MJ, K751NV, K751SA, K751SV, K751BP, K751MA, K751NA, K751SJ, R505CA, R505CB, R505CM, R510C, R752BP, R752LA, R752LAB, R752LB, R752LD, R752LDB, R752LJ, R752LKB, R752LN, R752LNB, R752LX, R752MA, R752MD, R752NA, R752NV, R752SA, SJ, R752SV, S505CA, S505CB, S505CM, S550CA, S550CB, U58CA, U58CB, U58CM, V550CA, V550CB, V550CM, X550CA, X751LA, X751LD, X751LK, X751LN, X751LX, X751MA, X751MD, X751BP, X751LAB, X751LAV, X751LB, X751LDB, X751LDV, X751LJ, X751LJC, X751LKB, X751LNB, X751MJ, X751NA, X751NV, X751SA, X751SJ, X751SV, X752BP, X752NA, X752NV

Part Numbers: 14004-01450000, 14004-01450100, 1417-007M000, 14004-02020000

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