Asus A555 F550 F554 F555 K550 R556 X550 Rear Cover 13NB00T8AP0101


This is a new, genuine Asus black rear lcd cover.

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For sale is this brand new Asus rear lcd cover. This genuine Asus laptop part is black in color with black hinge covers.

Compatible Models: A550, A555BP, A555DA, A555DG, A555LA, A555LAB, A555LB, A555LD, A555LF, A555LI, A555LJ, A555LN, A555LNB, A555LP, A555LB, A555QA, A555QG, A555SJ, A555UA, A555UB, A555UF, A555UJ, A555UQ, A555YA, D552, F550CA, F550CC, F550CL, F550DP, F550EA, F550EP, F550IU, F550JD, F550JK, F550JX, F550LA, F550LAV, F550LB, F550LC, F550LD, F550LN, F550MD, F550MJ, F550VA, F550VC, F550VL, F550VX, F550WA, F550WE, F550ZA, F550ZE, F552, F554DA, F554DG, F554LA, F554LAB, F554LB, F554LD, F554LF, F554LI, F554LJ, F554LN, F554LNB, F554LP, F554LPB, F554SJ, F554UA, F554UB, F554UF, F554UJ, F554UQ, F554YA, F555BA, F555BP, F555DA, F555DG, F555LA, F555LAB, F555LB, F555LD, F555LF, F555LI, F555LJ, F555LN, F555LNB, F555LP, F555LPB, F555QA, F555QG, F555SJ, F555UA, F555UB, F555UF, F555UJ, F555UQ, F555YA, F555YI, FX550, K550CA, K550CC, K550CL, K550DP, K550EA, K550EP, K550IU, K550JD, K550JK, K550JX, K550LA, K550LAV, K550LB, K550LC, K550LD, K550LN, K550MD, K550MJ, K550VA, K550VC, K550VL, K550VX, K550WA, K550WE, K550ZA, K550ZE, K555BA, K555BP, K555DA, K555DG, K555LA, K555LAB, K555LB, K555LD, K555LF, K555LI, K555LJ, K555LN, K555LNB, K555LP, K555LPB, K555QA, K555QG, K555SJ, K555UA, K555UB, K555UF, K555UJ, K555UQ, K555YA, K555YI, P550C, P550CA, R556BA, R556BP, R556DA, R556DG, R556LA, R556LAB, R556LB, R556LD, R556LF, R556LI, R556LJ, R556LN, R556LNB, R556LP, R556LPB, R556QA, R556QG, R556SJ, R556UA, R556UB, R556UF, R556UJ, R556UQ, R556YA, R556YI, X550C, X550CA

Part Numbers: 13NB00T8AP0101, 90NB00T8-R7A000, LCDCOVX550BLACK-3

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