Asus R751 X750 DVD Super Multi Drive


This is a genuine Asus DVD-RW drive with faceplate.

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This is a genuine Asus DVD super multi drive.  It includes the faceplate to fit the below models.  It reads, writes and re-writes DVD and CDs.  The rear mounting bracket only the X750 series. If you have one of the other series then you can use your existing bracket from your defective drive.

Compatible Models: A750JA, A750JB, A750JN, A750LA, F750JA, F750JB, F750JN, F750LA, F750LB, F750LN, K750JA, K750JB, K750JN, K750LA, K750LB, K750LN, R751JA, R751JB, R751JN, R751LA, R751LB, R751LN, X750JA, X750JB, X750JN, X750LA, X750LB, X750LN, X750LAV, X750LB, X750LN

Part Numbers: 13NB01H1AP0401

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