Dell XPS 11-9P33 12-9Q23 12-9Q33 13-9333 13-9343 13-9350 13-9360 45W Charger


This is a Dell 45 watt aftermarket ac adapter and power cord.

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Listed is a 100% Dell compatible ac adapter. This is a 45 watt charger which includes the power cord.  It is rated at 19.5 volt and 2.31 amp.

Comp. Models (s): XPS 11-9P33, 12-9Q23, 12-9Q33, 13-9333, 13-9343, 13-9350, 13-9360

Part Number (s): LA45NM131, CDF57, PA-1450-66D1, D0KFY, 332-1827, PA-1M10, 3RG0T, PA-1450-01D, JHJX0, 312-1307, JT9DM, LA45NM121, FA45NE1-00

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