HP 17-X 17-Y Touch LCD Cable 856608-001 450.08C06.0001


A new and genuine HP EDP lcd cable for models with a touch screen. 450.08C06.0001

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Listed is a brand new HP 17-X and 17-Y EDP lcd cable.   It is a genuine HP replacement lcd cable that is for laptops with a touch screen.

Compatible Models: Notebook17-X007DS, 17-X008DS, 17-X009DS, 17-X010DS, 17-X011DS, 17-X012DS, 17-X020NR, 17-X025DS, 17-X026DS, 17-X027DS, 17-X028DS, 17-X029DS, 17-X030DS, 17-X031DS, 17-X038DS, 17-X039DS, 17-X040DS, 17-X041DS, 17-X042DS, 17-X043DS, 17-X044DS, 17-X100DS, 17-X101DS, 17-X102DS, 17-X103DS, 17-X105DS, 17-X106DS, 17-Y012CY, 17-Y014CY, 17-Y025CY, 17-Y026CY, 17-Y027CY, 17-Y028CY, 17-Y029CY, 17-Y030CY, 17-Y031CY, 17-Y032CY, 17-Y033CY, 17-Y034CY, 17-Y050CA, 17-Y051CA, 17-Y052CA, 17-Y053CA, 17-Y054CA, 17-Y055CA, 17-Y088CL, 17T-X000, 17T-X020NR, 17T-X100, 17Z-Y000

Part Numbers: 856608-001, 450.08C06.0001, 450.08C06.0011

Touch LCD Cable

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