HP Probook 640-G2 645-G2 650-G3 655-G2 655-G3 Original 65W AC Adapter


This is a new, genuine HP Probook 65W ac adapter.

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We are selling this original HP 65w smart ac power adapter which has a connector size of 4.5mm outside and 3.0mm inside barrel with a single pin.  It is rated at 19.5v, 3.3a and includes a US power cord.

Comp. Models: Probook 640-G2, 645-G2, 650-G2, 650-G3, 655-G2, 655-G3

Part Numbers: 693715-001, 709985-002, 710412-001, 714149-001, 714149-002, 714149-003, 714158-001, 714657-001, AD9043-022G2, HSTNN-CA15, HSTNN-DA15, HSTNN-LA15, PA-1650-34HE, PPP009C, PPP009D, 719309-001, 719309-003, 721092-001, 740015-001, 740015-002, 740015-003, 741727-001, 741427-001, A045R07DH, HSTNN-DA35, HSTNN-LA35, HSTNN-CA40, HSTNN-DA40, HSTNN-LA40, ADP-45WD B, ADP-45FE B, PA-1450-36HE, PA-1650-32HE

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