Lenovo Flex 3 CB11IGL05 CB-11M735 Flex 5 CB-13IML05 Yoga C630 45W AC Adapter


A new 100% compatible Lenovo 45W ac adapter.

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Listed is a 100% compatible aftermarket 45 watt ac adapter for the Lenovo laptop.  This charger fits into the USB-C port of the laptop.

Comp. Models: 100E Chromebook, 500E Chromebook, MIIX 630-12Q35, Yoga Chromebook C630, Thinkpad T490S, T495S, Flex 3 CB11IGL05,  Flex 3 CB-11M735, Flex 5 CB-13IML05

Part Numbers: 00HM661, 00HM662, 00HM663, 00HM664, 00HM665, 00HM666, 00HM667, 02DL100, 02DL101, 02DL102, 02DL103, 02DL104, 02DL105, 02DL118, 02DL119, 02DL120, 02DL122, 02DL123, 02DL147, 02DL148, 5A10W86242, 5A10W86243, SA18C15460, SA18C15461, SA10E75844

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