Laptop LCD Hinge List

We carry laptop hinges for most notebooks in our store.  The laptop hinges we stock are brand new and are all manufacturer originals.  All the sets of hinges we carry are sold in sets which include the left and right side.  If you don’t find the set you need let us know as we still have many models not listed on the website yet.
Laptop hinge purchasing tips:

  • You must fully disassemble your upper lcd assembly to gain proper access to the hinges.
  • Verify that your hinge’s part numbers match the part we are selling.
  • All hinge sets include the left and right side and some include hinge covers.
  • Some hinges are for laptops with touch screens while others are not – make sure you purchase the correct model for your laptop.
  • Some hinges have side rails which mount to the side of the screen.
  • Common hinge failures:  loose hinges where the lid will not stay open or broken hinges.  Another failure are the hinges are too tight which will eventually crack the rear cover.  Either symptom requires new hinges as broken hinges cannot be repaired.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable replacing your hinges on your laptop let us know as we can perform this hinge repair for you.